FoodLink Group is a commodity protein trading company that specializes in procurement, hedging, storage, finance, documentation and logistics.

FoodLink Group is a commodity protein trading company that specializes in procurement, hedging, storage, finance, documentation and logistics to bring the most value to our clients and suppliers. We offer a custom tailored solution to the individual needs of each client. Unlike larger trading companies, our nimbler structure offers the advantages of unparalleled flexibility, speed, and pricing.

The procurement professionals


Our core Protein, and coincidentally, the most consumed in the world. Efficient and versatile, Poultry meat is poised for continued growth worldwide.

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The other white meat, as it is often referred, Pork has been historically a staple of worldwide protein consumption. Just like poultry, it offers tremendous value across a wide array of applications.

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All other proteins

If It moves, swims, crawls or flies, we can help you source it. Thanks to our wide network of business partners, all proteins are just a phone call away. Ask us today.

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Why Us


We have spent decades fostering relationships within the protein industry. Having a trusted reputation with packers, freight forwarders, cold storage and other industry players is essential in navigating this constantly evolving business. We know that we sell and what goes in the boxes because we have been trading it for years. If our due diligence raises any concerns about the product, we will avoid it altogether, at the cost of potential profits. However, we will always strive to ensure your supply chain is never disrupted or compromised because of quality, off-spec, or any other preventable issue.


Our reputation is non-negotiable. In a world of extreme competition and sales target pressures, some companies go to great lengths to secure business. We have seen that the best interests of the client sometimes are not always at the center of the transaction. Here at FoodLink, we are in the business of selling credibility, therefore we are laser focused on making sure that the products we offer are the best fits for the application, the finished product, and your brand, not what’s best for our bottom line. This is the very reason our clients trust us with their business and their reputation. We believe that if the client is successful, we will be too!


The only way to properly assess risk and make good business decisions is to have up to date, accurate and reliable market intelligence. Our investment in subscription based data, technology, industry associations as well as our exclusive access to prominent industry players, allows for the gathering and analysis of high quality market information. In a business environment where the variables are ever shifting, and change is the only certainty, we are proud to offer our clients with crucial insight that can make an absolute difference in their business strategy and its success.


MAY 2021

Foodlink Group Joins PAN-PEQ Board of Directors

The Panama Poultry Export quota Inc., is an ETC not for profit company that is jointly led by the Poultry Industries...

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JUNE 2021

USAPEEC Grants full Membership to Foodlink Group

The board of Directors of USA Poultry and Egg Export council, who met for their Annual Summer meeting in Nashville, TN on June 9th , have unanimously approved Foodlink Group’s membership application...

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JUNE 2021

FoodLink’s President inducted into USAPEEC’S board and executive positions roles

During USAPEEC’s Summer meeting, its board of Directors has chosen to elect FoodLink Group’s President, Mr Martin Piffaretti...

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